WELCOME TO 99Food Asia 2020


99 Food Asia is the most comprehensive sourcing platform of food, Drink, Processing, Ingredients, packaging, equipment, supplies, and various kinds of food packaging, equipments, and other related PRODUCTS.

The show provides the excellent opportunity to acquire new customers, expand market share, strengthen business relationship with your customers and to help you establish networks with your new partners as well.


Whether food sector buyers are sourcing equipment, materials or ideas, it is vital they feel confident about their decisions. The best way to do this is to see all the options together at one place.

It’s a live experience....

99 Food Asia offers the industry something you can’t get from a website or a magazine... the live experience! It’s all about the sound of the machinery, the feel of the packaging, the taste of the products.

And you get to meet real people, not on a social network interface, but live, face-to-face contact.

There’s no need to spend time searching on the internet for contacts and getting no response.

99 Food Asia is a great opportunity to contact with a wide range of customers and prospects. You can meet and do business with everyone who matters, right there and then, in one convenient location.

For Indian Exhibitors :

  • Corporate Projection and Positioning.
  • Showcase Latest Products / Services.
  • Increase Export / Domestic Sales.
  • Product Launch.
  • Locate Trade Partners / Commercial Agents.
  • Technology Transfer.
  • Sourcing Opportunities.
  • Expected Outcome :

  • Technical Tie-ups.
  • Business and Financial Collaborations.
  • Business Deals, Investment Commitments.
  • Creation of Future Business Opportunities.
  • Creating Dealers / Distributors Network.
  • Increased awareness about Improvement in Technology, Value Addition, Quality, Productivity, Marketing and Exports.

    For Foreign Exhibitors :

  • Enhance Industrial Business & Investment.
  • Showcase Products / Services.
  • Transfer of Technology, Joint Ventures, Investment
  • Supply of Machinery, Equipments, Technical Know-How, Quality Control Systems etc.
  • Sourcing Opportunities.
  • Locate Trade Partners / Commercial Agents.

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